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Tips for Getting Six-Pack Abs


For many people, having a visible six-pack is the ultimate fitness goal. Due to their position along the torso, abdominal muscles normally are not visible unless someone has extremely low body fat and decent muscle tone. Even relatively non-muscular people can get a six pack simply by losing weight. As most bodybuilders know, one secret to a flat stomach is having a very carefully monitored diet. Follow these tips to get trim and toned abdominal muscles as efficiently as possible.

Add More Protein to the Diet

Protein is a type of nutrient that is made of amino acids. The body needs these building blocks for muscle growth. Protein is also important because the low-calorie diet needed for visible abs tends to cause lean muscle mass. Getting enough protein can help ensure that the abs do not shrink as a person loses body fat. 

The ideal protein source for someone who wants a six pack will be a lean protein that helps build muscles while also not containing excessive calories. Depending on how much muscle mass a person is trying to build, the recommended level is anywhere between 0.36 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. For those trying to cut fat and gain muscle, around 1.2 grams per body weight is recommended. 

There are plenty of easy ways to add protein to a diet. When short on time, grab a protein bar or whip up some protein pancakes or a protein shake!

Protein Packed Pre-Workout Smoothie


•1 scoop whey protein powder

•1 cup milk – almond, soy, or cow 

•1 frozen banana

•1/8 tsp. cinnamon

•1/4 cup ice

•1/2 cup plain yogurt


1.Combine all ingredients in a blender.

2.Pulse on high a few times to chop ingredients.

3.Blend on medium speed until smooth.

4.Depending on the banana size, a little extra milk can help make the smoothie a more drinkable texture.


This article was written by an iHerb staff writer.

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