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Green Juice for Beginners

Many people balk at the idea of drinking green juice, particularly beginners. Green juice is often associated with bitter and unpleasant. But this is usually a result of overdoing the greens at first – a rookie mistake.

It takes your body and taste buds a little while to get used to green juices. If too many ‘bitter’ greens e.g. kale, chard, collard leaves, broccoli are used together, the result can be quite a shock to the system. And it definitely won’t taste good.

It is possible to enjoy a sweet green juice that is still packed with loads of nutrition. But you need to use the right combination of ‘greens’. Below is the best green juice for beginners (even the most fearful) to try. In my house we call it ‘Green Lemonade’.

This juice packs a nutritional punch, particularly from the kale and parsley.  The apple provides sweetness while taking the bitter edge of the green vegetables.



4 kale leaves

Handful of parsley

1 small cucumber

4 celery sticks

1 green apple

1/2 lemon, peeled and seeded


Wash and dry all the ingredients.

The juice will taste better if everything is cold to start with. So, if you have time, prepare everything in advance then pop it back in the fridge.

In the order listed, run the ingredients through your juicer.  The reason for this is that juicing kale can be more difficult with some juicers. This order ensures that you get the most juice out of each ingredient.

This article was written by Kristy Sandler

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