Pop Up Emotions

Rascal People

Sometimes in our life we will come across with the rascals.

These are people described as those who assume to agree or people who disagree all the time no matter what.

Some of these people can be very close to us relatives or friends.

These rascals are like goblins and they make a living by talking crap about other people.

They will espy on you if you are doing something good for your life.

The greatest mistake we can do is to accommodate and nourish them and make them assume they are valuable. It is a given thing and these people will always be there. They can possess the heaviest weapon to destroy us, our reputation, our integrity, our dreams, our wholeness .

We just need to ignore them.

Don’t listen to them.

Don’t feed them and suck everything out in us then leave us helpless in one corner.

Don’t let them ruin our lives .

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