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Reflexology for Fertility

How you can help reflexology

Reflexology works in a subtle way to physical and emotional level, it is especially beneficial for those suffering fertility problems. The patient may feel anxious and to limit most of the time, unable to think of anything other than having a baby.

The relaxing and soothing effects of a treatment such as reflexology help relieve stress and tension can be a crucial break free and let go first step. You need time to be able to eliminate emotional blocks and troubleshoot lifestyle that could also be a further addition to the problem.

Reflexology can really help combat stress, which is very important if it is to increase fertility and get pregnant. Stress can affect very negatively on the ability to conceive, to be concerned about pregnancy, stress from other family members or friends, work stress, etc. Reflexology is known to be soothing and relaxing.

Reflexology works very well also to balance the hormones, which can help with things like promoting regular menstruation, promote ovulation, and relief of symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. The continued reflexology treatments can also help:

▪ Improving own natural healing abilities of the body.

▪ Encouraging all body systems function efficiently.

▪ Help removing toxins from the body.

It should be noted the importance of all aspects together lifestyle, from the initial time of the first appointment with the reflexologist and have the time to discuss the issue, referring to different aspects and concerns so that you can conceive of a suitable treatment for each case.

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