Health Foods and Benefits

7 Foods that prevent gout

Foods and drinks that often trigger gout attacks include organ meats, game meats, some types of fish, fruit juice, sugary sodas and alcohol. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy products and low-fat dairy products may help prevent gout attacks by lowering uric acid levels.

Skin Care

Homemade Cellulite Cream

Cellulite is largely a structural problem, caused by the fat beneath the skin. There are topical treatments that can improve the appearance of cellulite by strengthening the outer layer of the skin. When skin loses strength and flexibility, which occurs due to age, the underlying structural tissue becomes more visible. Essentially, thin and sagging skin makes the fat pockets more pronounced.

Health Foods and Benefits

How to Live with Histamines and Find Healing

Increasing healthy fats like olive oil or coconut oil may improve symptoms of histamine intolerance, since fat stabilizes the balance of gut bacteria. Enzymes containing lipase and oxbile improve the malabsorption of fat—also helping to keep gut bacteria in balance and in check.